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Vienna has been [naming / named] as the world's most liveable city. It is the third year [running / ran] the Austrian capital has won this [acolyte / accolade] . The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released its annual Global Liveability Index earlier [this / that] week. The Index ranked 173 cities worldwide on a number of factors that [affect / effect] quality of life. These include culture and environment, education, healthcare, [structural / infrastructure] , and stability. Vienna was awarded "perfect" scores in [all / every] but one of the five categories. It failed to [scoop / scrape] maximum points for culture, "owing to a [luck / lack] of major sporting events". Vienna's two million residents are blessed with stunning architecture and a rich musical [profligacy / legacy] .

The EIU said the average score [to / for] liveability in cities around [a / the] globe rose "fractionally over the past year". It cautioned that "[risks / risked] to stability remain". It said tensions around the world could see [the / a] deterioration in the Index in coming years. Since we conducted our survey, there have been more [instances / instant] of civil unrest and demonstrations around the world, [suggestive / suggesting] continuing stress on liveability, that is unlikely to ease [in / on] the near future." The CNBC website said: "The stability category recorded the biggest [decline / incline] out of all five categories this year, held back [by / to] geopolitical conflict, civil unrest, as well as the [outgoing / ongoing] housing crisis and crime seen across many cities."

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