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A new report has identified the top 25 companies in the USA to work for. The report comes out every year and always has some surprises. It ranked the best places to work in 2014 by taking a survey of employee satisfaction. Top of the list was Google, which has become famous for its excellent working conditions. Google knocked Facebook off of the number one position. A Google software engineer earns an average salary of $119,000 a year. He or she also gets free access to a gym, laundromat, sports facilities and a place which looks after their pets when the employee goes on holiday. One ex-employee said Google staff are so happy that it is unusual for anyone to take time off.

Another survey released at the same time shows a slightly different picture. The careers website Glassdoor asked employees to rate how happy they are with their company, career opportunities, pay, culture, and values. It found that the consulting firm Bain and Company was the best place to work. Russ Hagey, Global Chief Talent Officer at Bain and Co. said: "We are incredibly proud to be named the number one best place to work." He added that: "For more than 40 years, we have placed significant focus on creating an outstanding professional and personal work experience that in turn has fueled our growth anchored in a mission of delivering results for clients and organizations around the globe."

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