Speed Reading — Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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It is difficult for workers to switch off from work. Many workers answer or write e-mails going to and from work, at lunchtime and at home. They check their work e-mail on vacation. This will change for workers of the carmaker Daimler. They can choose to delete e-mail when they are on holiday. Workers will be able to relax on holiday and not answer mail. Daimler says it wants workers to enjoy family time or "me time" when on holiday.

Daimler said staff worked better when they returned from holiday feeling refreshed. A human resources officer said staff should relax on holiday and not read emails. Daimler's 'Mail on Holiday' system sends replies that say: "Your e-mails will be deleted….If you want me to read this e-mail …send me the information [next week]." This might not be a good idea. People may not like writing again. Companies could lose business.

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