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'Metro' newspaper has said researchers who said women are grumpy for ten days a year are sexist. A vitamin company carried out a survey of the moods of 1,000 women and 1,000 men. It said the average woman is in a bad mood for five hours a week. 'Metro' called the study "incredibly" and "extraordinarily" sexist, and that it strengthened stereotypes of over-emotional women. It said the researchers should spend their time "doing something useful".

The vitamin company, said: "Moods are a barometer of our overall well being…both men and women are susceptible to being in a bad mood." It added that: "Women crave 'me time' and men tend to rely on their partners." The study listed reasons for women's moods. These include "everyday challenges from bad traffic to failing technology". Other "triggers" were feeling fat, money worries, breaking a nail, and fearing their partners never listened.

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