Speed Reading — Level 2 — 300 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

The toy maker Lego said it will not sign a new deal with the oil company Shell. Lego made toys with the Shell logo on them. Shell sold the toys in its gas stations worldwide. The deal was worth $110 million. Lego decided this after the environmental group Greenpeace made a video using Lego bricks. It showed an oil spill in the Arctic Ocean. Lego people and animals in the video become covered in oil. At the end of the video, oil has covered everything, except a Shell flag. The video is now Greenpeace's most-watched viral video in its history.

Greenpeace's video ran for three months. Over a million people asked Lego to end its deal with Shell. Greenpeace was very happy that Lego ended the partnership. It said: "Thanks a million, Lego….We're super happy Lego has finally decided to do the right thing. It's a massive victory." Lego said the decision was because it did not want to be part of an environmental campaign. It said Greenpeace should speak to Shell instead of making videos. Shell had plans to drill in the Arctic last year but stopped because of technical problems. It has not yet decided if it will drill in 2015.

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