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The annual World Pie Eating Championships in England ended in disaster on Friday because the pies were too big. A competition worker made a mistake and ordered pies that were the wrong size. In fact, the pies used in the contest were twice as big as the rules say they should be. The pies for the competition in Wigan, England, got delivered to a nearby divorce party. The competition was stopped when organisers said the rules had been broken. The competition pies should be a diameter of 12cm and a depth of 3.5cm. The meat and potatoes in the pies should be no more than cubes of 1cm. Barry Rigby, 37, a part-time fitness instructor, had set the fastest time of 42.6 seconds.

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The annual World Pie Eating Championship is usually held at Harry's Bar in Wigan, England. It has been held since 1992. It started with competitors trying to eat meat and potato pies as fast as they could. However, in 2006, a vegetable pie was added after pressure from England's Vegetarian Society. The speed-eating competition has had a few problems in the past. In 2005, there were protests because the pies were not from Wigan. A year later, the competition had to change to meet government healthy-eating guidelines. Contestants then had to eat one pie as quickly as they could instead of as many pies as they could. And in 2007, disaster happened when the competition ran out of pies.



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