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The World Pie Eating Championships ended in disaster because the pies were too big. A worker ordered pies that were the wrong size. They were twice as big as they should be. The competition stopped because the rules were broken. The pies should be a diameter of 12cm and a depth of 3.5cm. The meat and potatoes should be no bigger than 1cm. A fitness instructor had the fastest eating time of 42.6 seconds before the contest ended.

The World Pie Eating Championship has been held since 1992. It started with people eating pies as fast as they could. Healthy-eating guidelines changed that, so people now eat just one pie as quickly as they can and not as many pies as they can. In 2006, a vegetable pie was added. In 2005, people were angry because the pies were not from the competition's town. In 2007, the competition ran out of pies.

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