Speed Reading — Level 1 — 100 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

A man broke his leg and waited three hours for an ambulance. Luigi Segadelli broke his leg playing rugby. Doctors stopped the game and called an ambulance. No ambulance came. Workers turned on the floodlights so Mr Segadelli did not have to wait in the dark. His friends put blankets on him because he was cold. Doctors said not to move Mr Segadelli because his leg could become worse. An ambulance finally came three hours later.

Mr Segadelli is now in hospital. He had an operation on his broken leg. He is not happy. He told reporters he wanted an apology from the ambulance service. He said this must not happen to anyone again. While he waited for the ambulance, he shook with cold. Doctors were worried because his foot became blue with cold. There was a risk he could lose his foot. The ambulance service said it was very busy that day.

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