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A man has filed a lawsuit against an all-women's university in Japan after they rejected his application to join the university because he is male. The unnamed man claims Fukuoka Women's University is discriminating against him based on his gender. He also claims the university's policy of admitting female-only students is unconstitutional. The Japanese constitution states that all citizens have an equal right to education. He wants the university to accept his application to study and pay him 660,000 yen in damages for the anguish caused by the rejection. It is the first time in Japan that someone is suing a national or public women's university over its constitutionality.

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The man believes he has a good case. He said the women's university was one of his only options to pursue a career as a dietician. He said: "If my application is rejected, the path to become a dietitian would be narrow as I will be forced to go to a university [far away]." The man's lawyer said women-only universities are anachronistic in today's world. He said: "In the past, women's universities had the role of giving preferential treatment to women who had fewer opportunities for education, but that role is no longer necessary." A university official said: "We have a 91-year history of promoting women's education. We are determined to continue to provide education to prepare women for leadership roles."



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