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Scientists invent 'anti-ageing' chocolate






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Imagine chocolate that keeps you younger looking. It is too good to be true, but scientists working with Cambridge University have invented an anti-ageing chocolate. It keeps away wrinkles and helps the skin look younger. The chocolate's name is 'Esthechoc,' a combination of the words 'esthetic' (meaning all things beautiful) and 'chocolate'. It is also called Cambridge Beauty Chocolate. The makers will start selling it from next month. No one knows the price yet, but it will probably be expensive. The lab hopes young, rich business executives will buy it.

The chocolate contains a special chemical that gives flamingos their pink colour. Scientists say the chemical can make the skin of a 50 to 60-year-old person look like a 20 to 30-year-old. They said people could see changes in their skin in just three weeks. The laboratory said it took over ten years of research, using more than 3,000 volunteers to make Esthechoc. The chocolate will only be sold in boxes of 21 bars. This is one a day for three weeks. Other scientists say more research is needed for people to know whether or not Esthechoc works.

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