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The Arab League has agreed to make a joint Arab "army" that could have 40,000 special troops. It will be a little like NATO. When one of the member countries of the joint army is being attacked, the other countries will help defend it. Any member country can ask for help and the other countries will help it. Arab League members say the new Arab military force will help with the many security issues there are in the Middle East. The Arab League tweeted that there will be meetings over the next month to study how to create the force. The findings of the meetings will be presented to the defence ministers of Arab nations within four months. The defence ministers will then decide which countries will provide the soldiers and equipment.

Not all Arab League countries supported the idea of a joint Arab military force. Iraq said it was against creating such a force. It said one Arab country should not use its military in another Arab country. An Iraqi spokesperson said the best way to sort out problems was to have meetings and discussions. Lebanon also had worries about the possible new force. It said any military action should have the agreement of most countries. The Arab League also discussed the current challenges in the region. It asked the Houthi forces in Yemen to leave the capital Sanaa and give up their weapons. League members also discussed the best way to bring peace and stability back to Syria.

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