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India has banned one of the world's best selling brands of instant noodles. The noodles are the brand Maggi, produced by the Swiss food giant Nestlé. Health authorities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh found the noodles contained too much lead. India's Food and Drug Administration reported that the noodles had seven times more lead than the legal limit. They also had too much monosodium glutamate - a chemical that brings out the taste of the noodles. News agencies say Delhi is preparing to take legal action against Nestlé because of sales of an unsafe product. They also say Delhi is upset that Nestlé "misbranded" the noodles by telling people they were healthy when they were not.

The Indian Army has also stepped in and advised its soldiers and support staff not to eat Maggi noodles. Army officials have asked its canteens not to sell any more Maggi noodles until further notice. Colleges and roadside cafes are also to stop selling the Maggi noodles. Millions of Indians will have to go without their favourite snack until Nestlé changes its recipe. The Indian government does not want people exposed to the health risk from the lead in the noodles. A health expert from the Associated Press news agency said: "Excessive intake of lead can cause damage to the kidneys, bones and nervous system. It is particularly harmful to children and can cause learning disorders."

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