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India has banned the best selling Maggi instant noodles. The noodles are from the company Nestlé. Health authorities said the noodles had too much lead. The noodles had seven times more lead than is legal in India. They also had too much monosodium glutamate - a chemical to make food tastier. Delhi might take legal action against Nestlé. Delhi is upset that Nestlé told people the noodles were safe.

The Indian Army has advised its soldiers not to eat Maggi noodles. Its canteens will not sell them. Colleges and roadside cafes will also stop selling them until Nestlé changes its recipe. The Indian government does not like the health risk from the lead in the noodles. The Associated Press said too much lead in the body can cause damage to the kidneys, bones and nervous system. It is also harmful to children and can cause learning disorders.

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