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Jurassic World broke box office records around the world. It is the first movie to make more than $500 million on its opening weekend. It made $204 million in the USA and $100 million in China. A movie expert said everyone was surprised. He said: "No one saw this coming." Most people thought the film would make $100 million in the USA. The movie The Avengers has the record for the most successful movie on an opening weekend in the US.

Jurassic World is part four in the Jurassic Park series. The first was in 1993. The latest movie was the most popular film in the 66 countries where it was released. One reason is because many parents who watched the first Jurassic Park when they were children took their own kids to see Jurassic World. Another reason is because the movie opened in China and in the US on the same weekend. China is the world's second biggest film market.

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