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A Dutch court has ordered the government to cut greenhouse gases by at least a quarter. This is, "to ensure that the Dutch emissions in the year 2020 will be at least 25 per cent lower than those in 1990." Environmentalists hope other nations will do the same. A Dutch politician said the court's ruling would have "far reaching consequences" around the world. The NGO Climate Analytics said the ruling was a "judicial warning" to governments worldwide.

Over 900 Dutch citizens took the Dutch government to court. Holland was behind other countries in cutting CO2 emissions. Its target was a 17 per cent reduction by 2020. The court said this was unacceptable and embarrassing for Holland. The Dutch government will work harder to close coal plants, increase the use of windmills, use more solar energy, and use other renewables. It will also cut the amount of gas it gets out of the ground.

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