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It's hard for British university students to make ends meet. They are gambling, taking out high-interest loans and selling their body to cover their living costs. A website questioned 1,900 students about their finances. It found that the average student got a $750 a month student loan. However, average living expenses were $1,170. Students do many things to make up the $420 difference. Their parents would worry if they knew.

Around 71% of students got extra money from parents, while 65% worked part-time. Around 46% had a bank overdraft. Others said they had "sold their body," took part in medical trials or gambled to get extra income. Three per cent of students took out loans with very high interest rates. One student said: "It's frustrating when you're already paying off multiple credit cards at 19." Students said the government was "out of touch" with their needs.

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