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Japan's snow-covered Mount Fuji is world famous. Nearly 300,000 people climb it every year. Now they can post about it on Twitter or Facebook from the top of the 3,776-meter mountain. An Internet company has put a free Wi-Fi service on Fuji at eight different hotspots, including at the top. The Wi-Fi will be for three months. This is how long the climbing season lasts. Users will have 72 hours of free Wi-Fi access from the mountain.

The number of climbers on Mount Fuji increased after it became a UNESCO World Heritage site. The U.N. said Fuji was an important symbol of Japan. The free Wi-Fi will keep climbers safe on the mountain. They can check the weather and find shelter. They can also get help if their phone loses its signal. The highest place in the world to have a Wi-Fi hotspot is Mount Everest. The North Pole and the International Space Station also have hotspots.

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