Gap Fill - Level 4


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   arms      better      blood      brain      case      consoles      effective      more      motor      much      paper      patients      physical      repetitive      speech      strength      task      tests      traditional      virtual  
A report says card games can help stroke recover just as as computer games. Researchers did to see whether computer games or games were better at treating strokes. They found that playing cards, bingo, dominoes, and even throwing balls improved patients' skills. Using Wii games also helped. The researchers said if the is and gets the hands and moving, it will help.

A stroke happens when the supply to the is cut off. Sufferers usually experience changes such as drooping face muscles, slurred and a loss of . The researchers said it wasn't clear if reality games or traditional games helped . They said: "We…think that new technology is than old-fashioned strategies, but sometimes that's not the ….We found that simple recreational activities…may be as ."

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