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   anxiety      cases      everyone      fun      hearing      idea      important      law      problems      refugee      silent      similar      something      sound      stress      thunder      trauma      veterans      wellbeing      windows  
An Italian town has passed a requiring fireworks to be . It is to ensure the of pets. The town felt the welfare of pets was more than the of fireworks. Dogs have sensitive and fireworks cause them to develop called 'acoustic stress'. Smoke from fireworks can also cause health for animals. Vets often report of nausea, tremors and in animals after a fireworks show.

Awareness of the problems caused by fireworks is growing. Germany banned fireworks near shelters to reduce the among refugees. Fireworks cause problems for war . The explosions can trigger post-traumatic disorder. Not agrees with the of silent fireworks. One Italian said: "You need the…. It's an essential part of the ." He said pet owners should keep all closed.

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