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A small town in Italy has [passed / passage] legislation requiring people to use only [silent / silence] fireworks in displays and [celebratory / celebrations] . The new measure is to [insure / ensure] the wellbeing of dogs and other pets. The town of Collecchio in the province of Parma has decided that the welfare of its pets is more important than the sound of [explosion / explosions] that normally accompanies fireworks. The more [sensitivity / sensitive] hearing of animals [causes / cause] them to develop a condition known as 'acoustic stress' that follows [suddenly / sudden] and loud noises. The sounds and smoke created by fireworks can cause additional health problems [in / on] animals. Vets commonly report cases of nausea, tremors and increased [anxious / anxiety] in animals after a fireworks show.

[Awareness / Aware] of the potential problems created by the sound of fireworks is [growing / grown] in Europe. Over the New Year, Germany banned fireworks [near / nearly] refugee shelters to minimise trauma experienced [on / by] refugees who had just [ / bled] fled war zones. Fireworks are also known to cause problems [for / as] war veterans. The explosions bring back painful memories of being in [areas / area] of conflict and can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, [not / now] everyone agrees with the idea of silent fireworks. Antonio Maldini said: "You need the booms, cracks and [thunder / thunderous] . It's an essential part of the fun." He advised pet owners to keep animals indoors and keep all windows [firm / firmly] closed.

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