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The Japanese games [giant / monster] Nintendo has released an app that is taking the world [by / for] storm. The next big thing, and new Internet [sensational / sensation] , is an augmented reality game called Pokemon Go. Players must [physically / physical] move around the real world in [ordered / order] to capture mystical creatures called Pokemon (short for pocket monsters). It was only officially [released/ releasing] last week, in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. It is about to [overtake / undertake] Twitter in the number of daily active users and it hasn't [eventually / even] been launched globally yet. Analysts report that in just 48 hours, Go was installed on 5.6 per cent of all Android [devises / devices] in the USA. On average, users are spending twice [has / as] much time on Go than on apps like Snapchat.

Pokemon Go has already jumped [to / at] the top of the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also having an unprecedented [socially / social] impact. Hackers have [targeted / aimed] illegal copies of the app to infect millions of smart phones. Other criminals have used the game to [lure / cure] unsuspecting players to go to a [location / locate] to collect a Pokemon character and then rob them or [burgle / bugle] their empty house. The app tracks your location [vie / via] GPS as you walk around looking for Pokemon. The website PCmag.com [advice / advised] : "Don't go walking around neighborhoods late at night for your Pokemon fix….If you can collect Pokemon…in public, [crowding / crowded] areas, we recommend doing that instead [of / for] shady spots at two a.m."

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