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A woman went on honeymoon alone because her husband did not have a visa. Newlyweds Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever from Pakistan got married this year. They paid for a trip to Greece for their second honeymoon. They were shocked when the Greek embassy did not give Arsalaan a visa. Huma decided to go to Greece alone because she had paid for the trip. A few weeks later, Huma's in-laws (Arsalaan's parents) decided to go with her.

Huma's honeymoon photos have gone viral. In each picture, she had a sad face and stretched her arm out around her missing husband. Huma said it was difficult because her husband was in Pakistan. She said: "He's the life of the party; my better half." She added that her mother-in-law comforted her. She told her to have a good time. Huma is now back with Arsalaan in Pakistan. They want to go away together for their first wedding anniversary.

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