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The words
Researchers in Britain are [telling / told] schools that children should be doing more learning outdoors. The researchers say there is [currency / currently] too much focus [on / of] sitting in classrooms to pass exams. They say outdoor learning is [importance / important] for students' social skills, [health / healthy] and development. It also increases their [quality / quantity] of life. There have been five major [report / reports] over the past decade that stress the [need / needy] for students to learn outdoors and experience nature more. The researchers say that schools are not taking the [advise / advice] of these reports. They say outdoor learning is on the decline in Britain. The researchers want Britain's government to act to put outdoor learning on the [curriculum / calculation] of all schools.

The report is from [researcher / researchers] at the University of Plymouth and the organisation Natural England. It says there are [many / much] benefits of outdoor learning [of / for] children. One advantage is that it builds confidence in children [has / as] they experience things that were normal for their parents, [like / likes] climbing trees. Another advantage is that it makes [child / children] more aware of the environment and teaches [them / they] to respect nature. There are also health [beneficial / benefits] as children exercise more instead of sitting in a classroom or being at home with video games. A [final / finally] benefit is that it helps with the problem of what is called 'stranger danger'. This is an idea many children in the UK today [growing / grow] up hearing.

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