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   advantage      advice      benefits      confidence      currently      curriculum      decade      decline      final      focus      important      instead      nature      normal      organisation      quality      report      should      stranger      today  
Researchers in Britain are telling schools that children be doing more learning outdoors. The researchers say there is too much on sitting in classrooms to pass exams. They say outdoor learning is for students' social skills, health and development. It also increases their of life. There have been five major reports over the past that stress the need for students to learn outdoors and experience more. The researchers say that schools are not taking the of these reports. They say outdoor learning is on the in Britain. The researchers want Britain's government to act to put outdoor learning on the of all schools.

The is from researchers at the University of Plymouth and the Natural England. It says there are many benefits of outdoor learning for children. One is that it builds in children as they experience things that were for their parents, like climbing trees. Another advantage is that it makes children more aware of the environment and teaches them to respect nature. There are also health as children exercise more of sitting in a classroom or being at home with video games. A benefit is that it helps with the problem of what is called ' danger'. This is an idea many children in the UK grow up hearing.

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