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The words
Humans may not be the only [one / ones] to use grammar and vocabulary to speak and communicate. Scientists [belief / believe] dolphins also use words and sentences to speak to each [another / other] . We have known for a long [time / times] that dolphins can communicate. New research suggests that this communication is [similar / same] to the conversations humans have. Scientists say the clicks, whistles and other sounds [what / that] dolphins make appear to be sentences that let the sea [creations / creatures] send messages to each other. The dolphins use their language to [identify / identity] themselves, have [relations / relatives] with other dolphins, and do things together. Scientists say that one day, we may be able [to / for] understand dolphin language and talk to dolphins.

Researchers at the Karadag Nature Reserve in Crimea made the [discover / discovery] that dolphins had their own language after [recording / record] two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins were [named / names] Yasha and Yana. The scientists noticed that one dolphin [listening / listened] to what the other was saying and then [replied / replayed] . Lead researcher Dr Vyacheslav Ryabov said: "This [change / exchange] resembles a conversation between two people." He added: "This language [exhibition / exhibits] all the design features present in the human [spoken / speak] language. This indicates a high level of [intelligent / intelligence] and consciousness in dolphins." Dr Ryabov said the dolphins' language is, "a highly developed spoken language, [like / liking] the human language."

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