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Humans may not be the only to use grammar and vocabulary to speak and communicate. Scientists believe dolphins also use words and to speak to each other. We have known for a time that dolphins can communicate. New research suggests that this communication is to the conversations humans have. Scientists say the clicks, whistles and sounds that dolphins make appear to be sentences that let the sea send to each other. The dolphins use their language to identify , have relations with other dolphins, and do things . Scientists say that one , we may be able to understand dolphin language and talk to dolphins.

Researchers at the Karadag Nature Reserve in Crimea made the that dolphins had their language after recording two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins were named Yasha and Yana. The noticed that one dolphin listened to what the other was saying and replied. Lead researcher Dr Vyacheslav Ryabov said: "This resembles a conversation between two people." He added: "This language exhibits all the features present in the spoken language. This indicates a high of and consciousness in dolphins." Dr Ryabov said the dolphins' language is, "a highly spoken language, like the human language."

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