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New research says that children of mothers grow up to be . It also says children will have behavioural, social and problems. Researchers from a university in Denmark looked at from 4,741 mothers. The lead said we are, "more mentally flexible" and more of others as we get older. He said this could be why older mothers do not scold and hit their children as as younger mothers. He added that, "this style of can [lead] to a positive psycho-social " as the child grows up.

The research said the age of the mothers when was 31. Older mothers worry less pregnancy. They are usually happier and more about becoming parents and about children. This may mean they are more . Older mothers also have more relationships; they have more money; and they have a better . Researchers also found that children with older mothers have better skills than those with younger mothers. This may be older mothers spend more with their children and talk to them more.

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