Articles - 'a', 'an' and 'the'


  • Choose the missing articles (a, an or the) in the spaces.
  • Click the button at the bottom to check your answers.
  • Press the "refresh" button on your browser to play again.

   a      a      A      a      the      The      The      The      the      the      the      the      the      the      the  
There is new scam on Internet for those looking for love. Criminals are trying to trick people by using old love letters and romantic language. Conmen can easily buy "scam packs" to help them trick would-be daters into their scam. The pack is available online and only costs few dollars. It includes love-letter templates, photos, videos and false identities. This is all that is needed to pretend to be someone looking for love. criminals pose as potential partners and contact people seeking romance on dating sites. After a period of correspondence, they start asking their victim for money. They use many different kinds of excuses and reasons why they need money.

police force in London reported 3,900 people being scammed online in 2016. average amount of money they lost was $12,500. The average age of victims was 59 years old. More women than men were scammed, with 61 per cent of victims being female. senior police officer described damage scams do to victims. He said: "These crimes destroy lives and emotional damage often far outweighs financial loss. He advised people against giving strangers money. He said: "Never give money to people you meet online, no matter what emotional sob story person uses." He added that to be safe, people should always be on their guard when communicating with stranger online.

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