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Female workers in the UK are to [be / been] offered an unusual perk by their employers. British companies are [considering / considered] offering egg freezing as a perk. Tech companies like Apple and Facebook already offer egg freezing [has / as] a benefit to female employees, and now [another / other] companies may follow the tech giants' [lead / ahead] . Many British companies are [in / on] talks with IVF clinics about providing the [opinion / option] of egg freezing to women. The UK's largest chain of fertility clinics, CARE Fertility, said it has been in discussion with [servile / several] high-profile employers. The perk [comes / goes] at a considerable cost to employers. Apple and Facebook have been offering subsidized egg freezing to female staff at a cost of up to £16,000 ($20,000) [par / per] employee.

Companies will [provision / provide] the egg-freezing perk to [allowing / allow] women in their 20s or 30s to focus on their careers. The idea is that women could make [use / useful] of their frozen eggs in their 40s when they meet the [right / righted] partner or are financially stable. Rob Smith, clinical director of CARE London, said: "Successful [pregnant / pregnancy] at that age is very low indeed so by freezing eggs earlier on they will just have [those / that] guarantee at the back of their [mind / brain] ." Mr Smith said the perk was also an option for couples wanting to [convince / conceive] later in life. Critics of the idea said it was wrong to prioritise careers [over / under] having children. One said: "When [IVF] is done purely to protect their job, I think it's [extraordinary / extraneous] that women think this is liberating."

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