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1. What think read you you headline did when the?

2. when mind 'silk' you What hear springs the to word?

3. you China's Jinping do about Xi What know President?

4. you do What project this of think?

5. to What increase can global countries growth do?

6. What the do Silk you Road know about?

7. country your in growth economic is How?

8. most Who important are trading your partners country's?

9. infrastructure your need What does country?

10. trade free of think you do What?

11. you reading article Did like this?

12. you when of think you do What 'road' word the hear?

13. you read think about What what do you?

14. global trade make the world more peaceful Why would increased?

15. there are difficulties What trade with cooperate to try countries when?

16. country's foes What your traditional are?

17. is What revolution economic - geo a?

18. What project this with wrong go could?

19. do this be successful think will How you project?

20. Jinping Xi President China's ask to like you would questions What?

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