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China's President Xi Jinping has outlined [the / an] ambitious project to regenerate [global / globally] growth. His government has pledged a [massed / massive] $124 billion to [bolster / blister] global trade along the old Silk Road route. President Xi spoke about the initiative on Sunday at a [remit / summit] attended by leaders from 29 countries, as well as the [heads / faces] of the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The President stated that the [new / newly] initiative aimed to expand trading links between Asia, Africa, Europe and [beyond / behind] . He said the project would invest billions of dollars in infrastructure to help facilitate the free [flowed / flow] of goods. He told attendees at the summit that: "Trade is the important [engineer / engine] of economic development."

President Xi said increased global trade would make the world more [peaceful / peace] . He said: "We should build an [openly / open] platform of cooperation, and uphold and [growth / grow] an open world economy….We will not re-tread the old path of games between [foes / does] . Instead we will create a new model of cooperation and mutual [beneficial / benefit] ." Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was impressed with President Xi's "vision and [ingenuity / ingenious] ". He said: "Such a broad [swept / sweep] and scale of interlocking economic partnerships and investments is unprecedented in history. We stand at the [crisp / cusp] of a geo-economic revolution." Britain's finance minister told the summit [his / this] country was a "[natural / neutral] partner" of the project.

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