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YouTube has a plan "to online terror". One of the things YouTube says it will do is to dangerous videos and them. This includes videos on how to make fire-bombs and other deadly devices. Google, which YouTube, announced four things it would do to the problem of dangerous videos. Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president, called these things: "Four steps we're today to fight online terror." The first step is to users to identify or flag videos that might help terrorists. The second step is to the videos. The third step is to focus on videos that could make people terrorists. Finally, step four is to show "anti-terrorism" adverts.

There are many problems with making the four steps work. Perhaps the biggest problem that it is a huge task to so many videos on YouTube. Over one hour of video is to YouTube each second. The advertising company AdWeek said one hundred years' of video is uploaded every 10 days. Another problem is that many of the videos Google to target are not illegal. Mr Walker even a BBC news video could used by terrorists in the wrong way. Walker said Google would software that will learn what content its guidelines. A further problem is how to videos that do not break YouTube's guidelines but still have content that could people towards terrorism.

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