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The words
YouTube has announced a plan "to fight online terror". One of [the / them] things YouTube says it will do is [to / too] find dangerous videos and delete them. This includes videos [in / on] how to make fire-bombs and other [deadly / dead] devices. Google, which owns YouTube, announced four things it would do to [trickle / tackle] the problem of dangerous videos. Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president, [called / calling] these things: "Four steps we're taking today to fight online terror." The first step is to [ask / question] users to identify or [flag / fade] videos that might help terrorists. The second step is to [remove / removal] the videos. The third step is to focus on videos that could make people become terrorists. Finally, step four is to [shown / show] "anti-terrorism" adverts.

There are many problems [with / within] making the four steps work. Perhaps the biggest problem is [what / that] it is a huge task to monitor [such / so] many videos on YouTube. Over one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube each [seconds / second] . The advertising company AdWeek said one hundred years' of video is uploaded [every / all] 10 days. Another problem is that [many / much] of the videos Google wants to target are not [legally / illegal] . Mr Walker said even a BBC news video could [be / been] used by terrorists in the wrong way. Walker said Google would use software that will learn what content [breaks / broken] its guidelines. A further problem is how to delete videos that do not break YouTube's guidelines but still have content that could [turn / twist] people towards terrorism.

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