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   adverts      content      dangerous      first      four      guidelines      how      huge      hundred      illegal      many      many      people      plan      problem      second      step      things      today      wrong  
YouTube has a "to fight online terror". YouTube says it will find videos and delete them. This includes videos on to make fire-bombs and other deadly . Google owns YouTube. Google's senior vice president announced things YouTube would do about the of dangerous videos. Google's answer is called: "Four steps we're taking to fight online terror." The steps will find and delete videos that might help terrorists. Another step is to find videos that could get people to become terrorists. Finally, four is to show "anti-terrorism" .

There are problems with these steps. It is a task to look at so videos on YouTube. Over one hour of video is uploaded each . An advertising company said one years' of video is uploaded every 10 days. Another problem is that many of the videos Google wants to target are not . Terrorists could easily use a BBC news video in the way. Google will use software to find content that breaks its . A final problem is how to delete videos that do not break YouTube's guidelines but still have that could get to be terrorists.

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