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A company in the USA has [launched / lunched] a chocolate powder that it says people can snort to get [height / high] . The product is [biased / based] on the raw cocoa bean, which is where chocolate [comes / goes] from. It is called Coko Loko and the company claims it provides a drug-free [energies / energy] "high". Coco Loko is [manufacturing / manufactured] by a company called Legal Lean. Its CEO Nick Anderson explained how he [came / come] to market his product. He said he first heard about people snorting chocolate in Europe. He initially thought it was a [hoax / coax] , but then he tried it and realized that it had commercial [prospectus / prospects] . Mr Anderson told reporters that his company's chocolate product is, "probably [equality / equal] to about two energy drinks".

The powder is not [regulating / regulated] by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many doctors are [concerned / cornered] about whether the powder is safe. Toxicology [export / expert] Dr Jason Russell warned that the product had the same risk [factors / factories] as other energy supplements. He said there was a risk of [increased / increases] blood pressure, insomnia and increased heart rate. The HuffPost website said it was [concerns / concerned] that the product does not have an [officially / official] ingredients list, so [users / uses] do not know what is in it. The website recommended that people eat chocolate instead [of / for] sniffing it to make sure they do not suffer any health problems. Mr Anderson said: "There are no health issues. It's been out two, three years. Everyone seems [fine / fined] ."

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