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The words
Scientists say house dust could make us fat. They [say / saying] that people should keep their house clean if they want to [evade / avoid] putting on weight. The scientists are from Duke University in the USA. They did some research [in / on] how dust affects mice. The researchers collected dust [samples / simples] from 11 different houses and put them in the [calls / cells] of mice. Dust from nine of the [house / houses] made the mice fatter. The scientists said house dust changed the hormones in the mice that [create / creative] fat in their body. The scientists said that we breathe [on / in] and swallow small amounts of [dusty / dust] . Researcher Dr Heather Stapleton said: "Amounts of dust as low as three micrograms…caused [measures / measurable] effects."

The dust particles contained [chemical / chemicals] called EDCs. These can change or [copy / copying] the body's hormones. EDCs are found in sofas and carpets [to / for] make them fire resistant. They are also added to some plastics, to make them [bend / bendy] more, and in cosmetics, food packaging, and household [cleaned / cleaning] products. The researchers said EDCs are everywhere in [must / most] houses. They say the chemicals can affect our health, and that children are [at / on] a higher risk. EDCs also cause other health risks [including / includes] creating learning disabilities in children. Studies have also shown that EDCs can [rise / raise] the risk of cancer and infertility. The researchers said there was a "critical need" to [assess / recess] things we make that can make us unhealthy.

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