5-speed listening (Engagement Rings - Level 2)

Man buys 5,000 people noodles for finding engagement ring






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A Chinese man bought 5,000 people a free bowl of noodles. The man's name is Mr Wang. He lost a $45,000 engagement ring. He wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He told reporters that he visited a noodle restaurant in the city of Chongqing and left the ring there in his bag. He was lucky because a customer in the restaurant found the bag and gave it to the manager. The manager found Mr Wang's details in the bag and telephoned him. Mr Wang was very happy to get the ring back. He then went to his girlfriend and proposed to her. She accepted his proposal.

Mr Wang wanted to say thank you to the restaurant. On Tuesday, he bought 5,000 customers a bowl of spicy noodles. This is how many are sold in the shop every day. There was a long queue outside the shop. People wanted a free bowl of noodles. Mr Wang told reporters: "Chongqing has the woman I love….I feel very honoured and happy." He also put a thank-you letter outside the restaurant. It had a picture of his fiancée wearing the engagement ring. A local man said: "I think the story is really moving. Love is beautiful and people's hearts are more beautiful."

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