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   affected      badly      catastrophic      coordination      crisis      else      floods      ground      hundreds      lives      loved      normality      responses      sense      south      support      third      upside      urgent      water  
UNICEF has warned that around 16 million children are "in need of life-saving " after the monsoon rains and flooding that have hit Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Up to a of Bangladesh is under . A total of 45 million people have been affected in the rains. UNICEF said: "Millions of children have seen their swept away by these devastating . Children have lost their homes, schools and even friends and ones." It added: "There is a danger the worst could still be to come as rains continue and flood waters move ."

UNICEF outlined what it is doing. It said: "[We are] on the working in close with…governments…in the South Asian countries to scale up [our] and respond to the immediate needs of children and their families." It added: "Massive damage to schools…and supplies means of thousands of children may miss weeks or months of school. Getting children back into school is [very important] in establishing a of stability for children during times of and provides a sense of when everything is being turned down."

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