Gap Fill - London Subway - Level 1


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   body      explosive      ingredient      knives      many      maximum      old      other      packed      parts      passengers      power      properly      rush      shocked      site      sure      things      way      who  
Police said a man bombed a London subway train bought the online. Police think an 18-year- refugee left the bomb on a commuter train during the hour. It exploded at Parsons Green station at 8.20am. About 30 had burns to their face and . Police said the bomb didn't work and that more people could have been hurt. The bomb had , screws, glass and other dangerous inside it.

The bomber bought of the ingredients from Amazon. One was an called TATP. It is called "Mother of Satan" because of its . Police said the bomber wanted " destruction". Reporters were that Amazon's directed visitors to things that could make bombs. Amazon said it would stop this happening. It is reviewing its website to make its products are presented in a better .

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