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The words
U.K. police have said a man who [put / puts] a bomb on a London subway train bought most of the parts for the bomb [offline / online] . Police have accused an 18-year-old Iraqi [refuge / refugee] of planting the bomb on a busy [commuter / computer] train on September 15. The bomber left his device on a [packed / packaged] subway carriage during the peak rush hour. The bomb [exploded / explosion] at Parsons Green subway station at 8.20am. It caused [burns / burnt] to the face and body of 30 passengers. Police said there would have been more [causes / casualties] if the bomb had worked properly. It didn't detonate fully so there was less [harmful / harm] to humans than there could have been. Police said the bomb contained, "knives, screws, glass and similar items to increase the likelihood of [dead / death] ".

The bomber bought many of the [greedy / ingredients] for his device from the online shopping site Amazon. One of [these / them] ingredients was several hundred grams of an [explosion / explosive] called TATP. This is also called "Mother of Satan" because it is so [powerful / power] . Police said the bomber used it [to / for] create "maximum destruction". Reporters later [checking / checked] Amazon for the ingredients and were [shocking / shocked] to find that the site directed them to other things that could be [use / used] to make bombs, in the "items frequently bought together" tab. Amazon said it will work to stop this happening. It said: "In [flight / light] of recent events, we are reviewing our website to ensure that all these products are presented in an appropriate [way / weigh] ."

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