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New research shows that many people are not [sleeping / slept] enough and that this is having a serious impact [in / on] health. Professor Matthew Walker from the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California warned [what / that] a "catastrophic sleep-misfortune plague" was putting people [in / on] danger of ill health. He said a [continues / continued] lack of sleep was putting people at risk from a large [number / numeral] of possibly fatal diseases. Professor Walker said people [needing / need] eight hours sleep [a / the] night to stay healthy. He continued that people who don't sleep enough will have a [shorter / shorten] life. Walker said the effects of not sleeping enough negatively impacts every single [aspect / respect] of our health and every part of our body.

Professor Walker warned that a [lack / slack] of sleep is linked to debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, [cancer / cancerous] , heart disease, obesity and diabetes. He warned that we are in a [dangerously / dangerous] situation whereby we do not [fully / fulfilled] understand the very serious, "catastrophic" consequences of not getting eight hours a night. He gave [numeral / several] reasons why we are sleeping less. He said: "First, we [electrified / electrocuted] the night. Light is a [profound / profoundly] degrader of our sleep." He also blamed longer working hours and longer [computing / commuting] times, a desire to be with friends more rather than sleep, mobile devices, and the increased [availability / available] of alcohol and caffeine. He also blamed anxiety and said: "We're a lonelier, more [depression / depressed] society."

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