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The UAE has a new project to teach one million people computer coding. The training will be free. People will learn how to code apps and software. The UAE's Prime Minister, and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the project. It is called the One Million Arab Coders initiative. Sheikh Mohammad wants young Arabs to have the skills to develop the digital economy. Sheikh Mohammad said: "Coding will create many job opportunities for young people to compete. It will pave the way for them to participate in the global economy online, from home."

The new project will encourage the many young people in the Middle East to get into coding. Around 50 per cent of the Arab population is under 25 years old. About 40 per cent of these want to start their own business. Sheikh Mohammad said: "This project is part of [our] mission to spread hope in the region, create employment opportunities and give our youth the skills needed…to successfully lead our region into the future." He added that: "Programming is the future." The top ten students will receive $50,000 each. The top student will win a $1 million prize.

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