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Japan's trains are for their . People say Japan's rail network is the of the world. Others say you can set your by a Japanese train's departure. Most rail companies apologize to for delayed or cancelled trains. However, the of a Tokyo express train apologized for one of its trains leaving 20 too early on Tuesday. The high-speed pulled out of a station earlier than scheduled when staff failed to check the departure . The company said it had not received complaints from passengers.

The Tsukuba Express company said the train failed to perform the departure operations. It made a statement that read it "" apologized for the "severe inconvenience" caused to passengers, even the next train was just four minutes later. Someone on Twitter wrote: "Tokyo train company's for 20-second- departure is one of the best about Japan." A UK tweeted: "They apologize for being 20 seconds early, and you don't get an apology from any UK train company until they're over 2 hours late."

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