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The words
The United Nations boss has said he is [horrific / horrified] by reports of slavery in Libya. Reports show [thousands / thousand] of African refugees are being sold [on / in] auctions and markets across Libya every week. Most of the people [been / being] sold are black African men. There are also reports of the enslaved people having their organs [removal / removed] . These are sold on the [illegal / illegally] organ trade market. The UN's Antonio Guterres spoke in a televised statement. He said: "I am horrified at news reports and video [feet / footage] showing African migrants in Libya reportedly being sold [has / as] slaves." He added: "I hate these appalling acts and [call / called] upon all…authorities to investigate these activities without delay and to bring the [criminals / criminal] to justice."

A group of human rights [expats / experts] said urgent action had to be taken [to / for] stop this modern-day slave trade. The Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council said: "It is now clear [what / that] slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya. The auctions are [similarity / similar] to one of the darkest chapters in human history, when millions of Africans were [upped / uprooted] , enslaved, trafficked and auctioned to the highest [bidder / baddie] ." The enslaved men are [reportedly / report] being sold for between $300 and $400 each. Mr Guterres said: "Slavery has no place in our world and [this / these] actions are among the most terrible abuses of human rights and…amount to crimes [for / against] humanity." He asked all countries to fight to end [the / a] slave trade.

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