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Japan's $3,000 wagyu beef bento lunch box






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The bento is a common Japanese lunch. It is a ready-made meal for one person. People can buy it from stores. Japanese mothers often prepare a bento for their children. Bentos are usually cheap and healthy. They can have rice, noodles, fish, meat and vegetables. There is a new bento that is very different. It contains only meat from the country's best-quality wagyu beef. It costs more than the average bento. It costs 292,929 yen ($3,000).

The new Tottori Wagyu Complete Cow bento box has 4.5kg of beef. The wagyu beef is the best in Japan. The bento also has rice, wasabi, and a special sauce made from pears. There are no vegetables. The box is 60 centimeters long. It is made from wood, not plastic. The sections in the box are in the shape of a cow. You can buy the bento online. You will have to wait two weeks for the company to deliver your meaty lunch.

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