Gap Fill - Street Food - Level 2


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A street-food wants to give back a international chef's award. The seller is known as the "crab omelet queen". Jai Fai, 72, has a street in the middle of Bangkok. Her crab omelets are so that the international dining Michelin awarded her a Michelin Star. This is one of the awards a chef can get in the world. It usually only goes to in top restaurants. Michelin said it would add Bangkok to its dining lists. Many people were that a street-food seller in Bangkok got the Michelin Star.

Chefs are usually to get the Michelin Star, but Jai Fai said she is not so . She wants to give the star back. Ms Fai said her life has changed too and she wants her old back. She said she does not like being famous because of the star. One is that many people are now around her stall. She is getting . Tourists take photos, passers-by stop to watch her, and some officers visited her. Fai said: "Many people come just to look and take and not necessarily to eat." She said customers are more important than "a stars".

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