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Scientists have changed when think adolescence ends and starts. Adolescence is the when children develop into adults, around our teenage years. Scientists now say adolescence can start at the age of 10 and continue to the of 24. Puberty started around the age of 14, but improved and nutrition means it can start the age of 10, especially in the developed world. The upper age for when adolescence ends has increased. We stay in longer, and delay responsibilities like marriage, parenthood and getting a .

The published their study in a child and adolescent health . They say society needs new laws for the wider of adolescence. A researcher said: "Although many adult legal start at age 18, the adoption of adult and responsibilities generally occurs ." They suggested extending youth services to the age of 25. This could be a because there is a big difference in the legal at which recognize adulthood. People become adults at the age of 15 in Indonesia and Yemen, but in Singapore and Zambia, the age is 21.

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