5-speed listening (Rip-off Restaurant - Level 2)

Japanese tourists call police over rip-off restaurant bill






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Four Japanese tourists are angry after a restaurant in Venice, Italy charged them $1,350 for a steak dinner. The four tourists say they were ripped off (overcharged) for the meal. They were students on a day trip to Venice. They decided to have dinner at a restaurant near the world-famous St Mark's Square on Friday. The police and Venice's mayor are looking into this incident. The mayor promised to take action. He said: "If this disgraceful episode is confirmed, we'll do all we can to punish those responsible. We are for justice - always."

It is common for tourists to be overcharged. Venice residents are worried about what happened to the Japanese tourists. There have been many similar cases recently in Venice. Some residents tweeted: "Whoever puts the good name of Venice at risk, harms all Venetians." The restaurant has a low 1.5 (out of 5) rating on the website TripAdvisor.com. Around 83 per cent of visitors gave it a "Terrible" rating. One person complained that: "The food was very average....They added almost $60 in taxes and a tip - these are the hidden fees....And the service wasn't that good. I feel scammed."

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