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The words
Four Japanese tourists are very [angry / anger] after a restaurant in Venice, Italy charged them €1,100 ($1,350) for a [diner / dinner] of steak, fish and water. In fact, the four tourists say they were ripped [on / off] (overcharged) for their meal. The four diners are students and [study / studies] in the city of Bologna. They were on a [date / day] trip to Venice and decided to have dinner at a restaurant [near / close] the world-famous St Mark’s Square on Friday. As well as the police looking [into / onto] this incident, the mayor of Venice has [promised / promises] he would also take action. The mayor said: "If this disgraceful episode is [confirmation / confirmed] , we'll do all we can to punish those responsible. We are for justice – [always / never] ."

It is [common / commonly] for tourists to be overcharged anywhere in the world. Tourism groups in Venice are [worry / worried] about the Japanese tourists [saying / said] they were ripped off. This is because there have been many [similar / similarity] cases recently of rip-off prices in Venice. One tourism group tweeted: "Whoever puts the good [naming / name] of Venice at risk, [harms / harmful] all Venetians." The restaurant has a very [lower / low] 1.5 (out of 5) rating on the website TripAdvisor.com. A [hugely / huge] 83 per cent of visitors gave it a "Terrible" rating. One TripAdvisor user complained that: "The food was very [averaged / average] ....They added almost €50 in taxes and a tip - these are the hidden fees that they don't tell you about. And the service wasn't that good. I feel [scammed / screamed] ."

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