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Woman thrown off plane for shouting at crying baby






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A woman was asked to leave an airplane because she was angry about a crying baby. She would not sit down in the seat next to the crying baby. The woman was very rude to the baby's mother. The mother was flying home from New York's JFK airport with her eight-month-old son. It was a short flight, but the woman was very unhappy. She didn't want to sit at the back of the plane. The plane was full, so she could not get a different seat.

The mother posted a video of the angry woman on social media. In the video, the woman picks up her coat and shouts: "I'm not sitting next to a crying baby." She would not calm down. She started to swear at the mother. Cabin crew asked the woman to get off the airplane. She told the cabin crew they would lose their jobs. The mother wrote on Facebook: "This lady thought she was going to be rude to me and...now she has no way home today."

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